“KIDS FROM CAMELOT”… imagine a musical …

LOGLINE: Two tweens break away from their cell phone addicted friends and TV obsessed parents, time travel to Camelot, and start a counter revolution back home that changes the digital world.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: By the summer of 2016, the damage to family life caused by parents watching 500 channels of TV and cell phone addiction among their friends, persuades two tweens to time travel to Camelot to find out if an old sword their grandfather told them about might be King Arthur’s lost Excalibur. In Camelot they learn what childhood should be like (*THEY’RE THE KIDS FROM CAMELOT), ignite the women’s rights movement and return to NYC to “imaginate” their friends and parents.

LONG SYNOPSIS: A thousand years ago two kids from Camelot stow away on Merlin’s time capsule, intending to give ageing and forgetful King Arthur back his Excalibur sword. Queen Guenevere waves goodbye to Merlin and Arthur as they head out into the future. (*COME HOME). Arthur flies the time capsule too low over present day NYC and the Excalibur falls out into a dump in Brooklyn.

In June of 2016, a group of cell phone addicted teens are hanging out at the Rainbow Housing Project in Spanish Harlem, NYC. (“RULES SUCK”). One boy, Johnny, seeing the damage to families caused by excessive TV watching by parents and cell phone addiction among his friends, finds an old sword in the storage locker his grandfather told him might be King Arthur’s long lost Excalibur sword. He persuades his sister (Ellen) to put down her cell phone and go to the planet Angelicus where they meet a mysterious group of “Imaginators” - spirits who go to earth to help families cope with TV and cell phone addiction. (*PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONES AND YOUR MP3’s)

The two kids follow two “Imaginators” to Camelot to find out why kids from Camelot turned out to be so creative and fun loving. When they arrive in Camelot the NYC kids find Chester the Jester trying to teach pitch challenged Ronny the Rooster to sing his “cockadoodledo’s” in tune . They are arrested as spies, then find out that Merlin is plotting to overthrow Arthur as King– (“HE’S TOO OLD”). Ellen causes a riot in Camelot when she defies the Modesty Laws and uses the slide, prompting Queen Guenevere to restore order and appear before the Knights of the Round Table to get the Law changed. (“ONE DAY WOMEN WILL BE FREE HERE”).

The two kids, having learned how family games, tongue twisters and riddles help to establish happy and creative childhoods, return to Spanish Harlem determined to change things. They get their friends off their cell phones by persuading a social worker at the City of N.Y. to start a golden oldie dance program at the Project- (“BOOGIE WOOGIE TRAIN ”), and get the parents to turn off their television sets and join a gospel choir –(“THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE“). The tweens in the Project ask their parents to talk about how they are going to become a happy family again – around a round table, of course.

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